Orthopedic Treatment at Richview Animal Hospital

Our Etobicoke veterinarian delivers the finest orthopedic surgery for your pet. It's veterinary care that goes a step beyond a simple diagnosis. We ensure that your pet has all the necessary treatments meant to heal joints, bones, and whatever ails them. Orthopedics begins with detecting the problem in your pet. Most orthopedic issues in dogs are a result of either poor genetics, diets lacking in proper nutrients as they age, or a breeding situation they came from.


Common Orthopedic Issues

Our veterinarian wants to see your pet live a long and healthy life. Professional orthopedic care for your dog or cat in Etobicoke involves commitment and a thorough wellness exam prior to seeking surgery for any mobility issues. There might be compromised immune systems in older animals, who are more prone to orthopedic problems than younger pets, therefore it is our ultimate mission to ensure we get to the root of the problem before we recommend surgery.

The following are the most common orthopedic issues we treat:

  1. Hip dysplasia - Typically, larger dogs tend to suffer from this condition. If your pet is hesitating to jump into the car, climb stairs or shows wobbliness in their hind legs, chances are there might be a ligament or joint problem in their hips. Hip dysplasia is a painful condition for your pet, and unless we properly diagnose and rehabilitate, healing could take time and money.
  2. Cruciate ligament rupture - It's essential to determine if the cruciate ligaments (the strong fibrous bands connecting the upper thigh bone to the shin bone, holding the bones together) are broken, torn, or unstable. If there's a painful sensation in this area for your dog, the likelihood of the issue developing further into an arthritic condition is possible. 

Our veterinarian at Richview Animal Hospital recommends that your pet maintain a healthy weight, partake in daily exercise, and eat a nutritious diet that supports joint mobility and function. Any inflammation that arises due to obesity or lack of daily movement can impact the orthopedic situation further and create more damage down the road.

Better Treatment in Etobicoke

Consider veterinary care with our Etobicoke team. Contact our clinic for a comprehensive examination and subsequent treatment, especially if your pet is showing signs of joint instability. We thrive on offering topnotch care 24/7. Call us today at 416-245-8805!

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