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Rice grain-sized devices that provide your pet with a lifetime of identification.

If you have ever lost a pet, for a short time or longer, you know the waves of panic and fear that washes over your whole family. As animal lovers and pet owners, we understand your feelings during such a trying time. Microchipping your pet is a solid solution to printing and hanging posters or forming search parties if your pet gets lost.

What is microchipping?

Microchipping includes taking a small needle and implanting a tiny microchip the size of a grain of rice under your pet's skin, usually between their shoulder blades. The procedure only takes a few moments and it's painless for your pet. Each implanted chip features a unique, scannable chip number to help identify pets.

What are the benefits of microchipping?

Microchipping gives your pet the best possibility of returning home to you. In combination with a traditional collar and a tag, which provides details like your pet's name and your contact information, a microchip can help get your pet back to you quickly. If your beloved companion is lost and taken to a veterinary hospital or shelter, they will be scanned for a microchip. If your pet has one, an identification number will appear on the scanner. That number will then be entered into a national database to search for your contact information. Afterward, you will be contacted to be reunited with your pet.

Is the procedure permanent?

The microchip normally lasts a lifetime due to the biocompatible materials it contains. It does not require batteries or any power source to remain active. It is only triggered when a veterinarian or animal shelter staff searches the chip with a scanner. If you're interested in having one implanted in your pet, please contact us at 416-245-8805.

Benefits of a T-Chip (Biothermal Microchip)

As you know, taking your pet’s temperature can be a challenge. This is why we recommend Tchip, a microchip which also reads your pet’s temperature. Microchipping comes with its own suite of benefits and is highly recommended as it is the most effective method of reuniting lost pets with their owners. With its temperature reading capabilities, Tchip can make your life more convenient.

The simple, easy-to-insert chip provides traditional identification in case your pet is lost and also responds with body temperature information when we scan it each visit. The Tchip makes your pet’s visit to the veterinarian much less stressful. While this is great on its own, it is also desirable because it ensures any measurements we take of vital signs will be accurate and not affected by stress.


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