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Euthanasia Services for Pets

Easing your pet’s pain by ensuring they receive the best care in their last moments.

There are no easy goodbyes when it comes to losing loved ones. If your pet's quality of life has been rapidly declining over a short period of time or they've battled a chronic illness for a while, euthanasia helps peacefully end their life. Before making a final decision, our veterinary team will support you in making the best possible choice for your pet.

When should I consider euthanasia for my pet?

The decision to euthanize your pet is not one our team takes lightly. Before determining if this is a potential option for your pet, we assess their overall health, placing special emphasis on their quality of life. Quality of life is a measure we use to determine how your pet's illness or other health conditions could be impacting their ability to live to their fullest on a daily basis. For example, a pet who is experiencing debilitating pain that is unchanged by pain medication or therapies and has difficulty moving unaided could be experiencing a poor quality of life. Based on our best medical advice as well as your daily interactions with your pet, we'll determine if euthanasia is an option you could consider. Ultimately, the final decision is up to you, with our team supporting in whatever ways we can.

What happens during a euthanasia procedure?

Pet owners can decide whether or not they'd like to be present for the procedure. Some owners like to comfort their pet during their final moments whereas others prefer not to. We prioritize your pet's comfort by performing the procedure in a quiet space. If we notice your pet is anxious or uneasy, we'll administer a sedative to put them at ease. Once your pet seems settled, we'll administer the fast-acting euthanasia medication that renders them unconscious by simultaneously stopping their heart and lungs. This injection won't cause your pet pain and is designed for your pet to peacefully pass away in a matter of moments.

How do I cope with losing my pet?

Grief is difficult to navigate but with the right support, you can process the loss of your pet in healthy ways. Our veterinary team can connect you with support groups or other resources that can help you process your emotions. It's important to honour your feelings during this transitional period, finding ways to remember your pet and celebrate their life. This could mean recounting happy stories about your pet with loved ones or finding ways to memorialize them. Our veterinary team will do our best to help you navigate this time. To learn more about euthanasia and processing the loss of your pet, please contact us at 416-245-8805.

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