Internal Procedures

Internal Procedures Provide Valuable Information

In a typical veterinary checkup, your pet will be inspected from nose to tail and will likely pass with a healthy report or an issue that is easy to diagnose and treat. However, sometimes a pet has more complex and hard to diagnose issues. This is where internal medicine is needed. At Richview Animal Hospital we are educated and experienced when it comes to performing internal procedures that can diagnose your pet's condition and help us to come up with an effective treatment plan or cure. We serve Etobicoke with the best in veterinary services. 

Richview Animal Hospital Offers a Number of Internal Procedures for Veterinary Care

What Internal Procedures Are Provided in Etobicoke?

The main internal procedure we perform is biopsies. This diagnostic procedure is an out-patient and informative way to find out if your pet has a specific condition by obtaining a sample of internal tissue through a specially made biopsy needle or through a tiny incision.

Biopsies are used to indicate to veterinarians the presence of certain diseases when other diagnostic tests have failed to produce conclusive results. Biopsies are typically performed as a precursor to tumor removal, splenectomies, enterotomies, gastropexy, and various other surgeries we perform here at our animal hospital to treat sick pets.

What Will My Vet Do with the Information?

The information gleaned from the biopsy will determine our next step. Internal medicine is valuable because instead of making an educated guess based on symptoms we can actually study the sample to fully understand what we are dealing with and come up with the best course of action to treat your pet. If a biopsy shows cancerous cells, for example, we will know to be more aggressive than if the biopsy were to indicate a benign tumor. A vet who offers internal medicine can effectively diagnose and treat your pet if any serious symptoms arise. 

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