The Life-Saving Benefits of Pet Ultrasound

Many of us know ultrasound as a diagnostic technique often utilized to give expecting parents an early look at their baby. It has many other uses though, and it could prove to be helpful to pet owners in Etobicoke, ON. Here at the Richview Animal Hospital, we provide ultrasound services to all pets as a way to better understand their current condition.

If you’re not aware that ultrasound is being used on pets, then this article should help you better understand why that particular tool is a fantastic aid to veterinarians. Please read on to learn how ultrasound can help save your pet’s life.


An Excellent Diagnostic Tool

Ultrasound is mainly used as a diagnostic tool inside an animal hospital. As noted in this post from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign’s College of Veterinary Medicine, the aforementioned technique is highly valued because it offers a lot of information.

X-ray machines are often used to give veterinarians a better idea of what’s ailing a particular pet, but they don’t always offer a complete picture. By using the ultrasound along with the X-ray machine, veterinarians can get a clearer idea of what’s going on. They can differentiate fluids from foreign bodies and also see if something is wrong with the soft tissue.

Useful in Emergency Situations

When it comes to heart problems affecting your pet, the veterinarian needs to quickly determine what’s wrong and ultrasounds can help with that.

Ultrasounds are capable of yielding essential information quickly and because of that, veterinarians can act faster. They can take the decisive actions that can sometimes make the difference between a pet either living or dying because the ultrasound was there to guide them.

A Painless and Non-invasive Procedure

One more reason why you should look for an animal hospital that provides ultrasound is because your pet will likely be more amenable to it. Ultrasounds are painless and non-invasive, meaning your pet will not have to experience any kind of discomfort. Many pets don't even need to be sedated for the procedure.

We at the Richview Animal Hospital pledge to treat all the pets brought to us to the best of our capabilities. All Etobicoke, ON, residents who want top-notch care for their beloved pets can drop by for a consultation today.

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