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Is your pet dealing with breathing issues lately? It may be associated with Brachycephalic syndrome. We meet many furry pals with this condition, and we are experienced in providing relief to our patients. If you have a breed that is prone to this ailment, give Richview Animal Hospital a call to find out how our veterinarians can help. We serve Etobicoke and the surrounding areas with quality vet care.


What is Brachycephalic Syndrome?

Brachycephalic is a term that describes breeds who are flat face. Dogs and cats with a flat face are popular because of their large eyes and appearance that is unique only to this type of condition. The same things that make them look cute like a flat face, narrow nostrils, and pushed up nose can also cause breathing problems. When this happens, it is called brachycephalic syndrome. There are many symptoms of this syndrome, ranging from eye issues, pet dental problems, and breathing conditions. For now, we will focus on the Stenotic nares. 

Stenotic nares restrict how air flows into the nostrils. Stenotic nares can be dangerous as pets grow,  if they experience shortness of breath through play, or overheats. This condition is hereditary, and there is nothing you can do to prevent it. However, it is important that your pet with Bracnycepnalic syndrome avoid strenuous exercises, and keep him or her at a healthy weight. 

Treatment for Stenotic Nares 

Your pet’s treatment plan will either be surgical, lifestyle changes, or both. If the condition does not cause too much discomfort, then the recommendation may be a healthy diet, weight loss, harness-style leashes, and possibly, medications and oxygen. If these treatments are not effective, then our veterinarian will need to surgically remove the nostril tissue that is blocking the airflow to help your pet breathe easier.

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Call Richview Animal Hospital in Etobicoke at 416-245-8805 to schedule a wellness exam appointment for your pet. Our veterinarians can determine if the natural formation of your animal’s anatomy is a risk to breathing problems, or if his or her breathing difficulties are caused by something else. Do not delay a consultation with our vets because there are risk factors that can make the condition worse.

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