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Sometimes, pets need surgery just like their human counterparts. When a pet needs surgery, this can be a scary prospect for the pet owners. One of the most common procedures that a trained veterinarian may have to perform is called a splenectomy. When a pet requires a splenectomy, it is normal for pet owners to have questions. To help with this situation, the dedicated team from Richview Animal Hospital is here to help everyone in the Etobicoke area better understand the reasons and the process behind remove pet spleen.

What Does the Spleen Do?

The spleen is not considered a vital organ; however, it still plays a critical role. The spleen is considered to be a part of the immune system. When the body develops an infection, it is the job of the immune system to clear out the invaders. The spleen is the garbage dump for all of the invaders the body kills during the course of an infection. It is also where the shells of dead red blood cells, white blood cells, and others are deposited. The spleen is responsible for collecting this debris and then filtering it out, eliminating it from the body. In this sense, the spleen plays an important role.

Why is the Spleen Taken Out?

Sometimes, the spleen needs to be removed from the body of a pet. One of the biggest reasons why a pet might need to have his or her spleen removed is that the spleen is growing too large. When the spleen grows to a large size, it is at risk of rupturing. If the spleen ruptures, this can lead to serious internal bleeding that might cause a pet to bleed to death. In order to prevent this from happening, it is important to remove the spleen early. This is where a trained veterinarian will play an important role.

Trust the Team at Richview Animal Hospital for Pet Surgery Needs

When a pet owner hears that their pet is going to require surgery, this can be a nerve-racking experience. For this reason, it is important to have a reliable veterinarian team to trust. The team from Richview Animal Hospital is highly trained in a variety of surgical areas and can help everyone pet owner feel more comfortable during this visit. All of our doctors are highly trained in a variety of procedures and will do everything to make sure your loved one is taken care of. To learn more about how we can help you and your family with Etobicoke veterinary needs, please call us today to schedule an appointment at 416-245-8805.

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