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Congratulations are in order, because you have welcomed a baby cat into your family! As a new pet owner, you know that it’s important to get your kitten current on its required shots. We provide kitten vaccination services that Etobicoke, ON pet owners know they can depend on.

Pet Vaccinations Help Keep Your Kitten Healthy

If you’ve never brought a pet into the vets for vaccinations before, you should know that it’s a very straightforward process and is just like when you have gotten shots yourself or when you bring your children to the pediatrician. 

And just like grade school children and children going into daycare must be properly vaccinated before mingling with the other kids, your kitten will not be able to stay overnight for boarding. That’s another good motivation to get your kitten vaccinated—imagine if you suddenly need to get out of town and no one is available to look after your beloved animal companion.

Vaccinations for Kittens

Veterinary scientists have established a protocol that covers three main categories of diseases against which kittens need vaccinations:

Feline Leukemia

Feline leukemia may be one of the most commonly known illnesses that cats can get, and you will need to bring your kitten in for the first feline leukemia vaccine at the age of 12 weeks. 

A second feline leukemia vaccination needs to be administered at the age of 16 weeks. Then, your cat will come in for this vaccination until its second birthday. At this point, if your kitten will live indoors, you can discontinue getting the vaccine. But if your pet is an outdoors cat, continue getting the feline leukemia vaccination until its fifth birthday.


People sometimes think that rabies is a disease that only affects dogs. However, cats are also susceptible to rabies and you must protect your kitten against this disease with its first shot at the age of 16 weeks (about the same time when your kitten should come in for the third Feline Rhinotracheitis/Calici/Panleukopenia/Chlamydia shot. 

Our team will make sure to schedule all the vaccinations in their correct order, with times that are as convenient as possible for you.

After a year, it will be time to bring your kitten in for its rabies booster shot, and the pet needs this vaccination annually, going forward.

Feline Rhinotracheitis/Calici/Panleukopenia/Chlamydia

The vaccination for this set of diseases is also referred to as FRCP. Your kitten should get its first FRCP vaccination at the age of 8 weeks. Then, you’ll come in at 12 weeks and 16 weeks. They must be administered about three to four weeks apart. 

We will conduct a thorough wellness exam of your feline after a year has passed, and then it will be time for annual FRCP shots.

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To keep your baby cat healthy and happy, vaccinations are essential. At our feline-friendly animal hospital, our warm and caring staff has experience keeping cats comfortable and relaxed as we provide services such as pet vaccinations. To learn more about our approach to kitten vaccinations or to make an appointment at your preferred veterinarian in Etobicoke, ON, please connect with Richview Animal Hospital today.

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