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Puppy Vaccination Services at Richview Animal Hospital

puppy vaccination

You’ve brought a puppy into your home and you want only the best for this new addition to the family. Part of your responsibilities as a pet owner is to make sure you are arranging for puppy vaccination services. At Richview Animal Hospital, we are devoted to helping people keep their animals healthy and happy, and we welcome the opportunity to provide vaccinations for your new animal companion.

About Pet Vaccinations

Just as people need vaccinations to stay healthy, so do our four-legged friends need their own pet vaccinations. The immune systems of baby animals such as your brand new puppy are not fully developed, and we have to give them a series of shots to give them the necessary protection against a range of diseases.

You should keep in mind that your puppy would need to get all of its required shots before being allowed to board at a pet hospital, such as if you need to leave town for a business trip or vacation. 

Vaccinations for Your Puppy

When you bring your puppy in for its first appointment, we will do a wellness check and then set up a schedule with you for vaccinations and follow-up shots.


Rabies is perhaps one of the most commonly known diseases that dogs can get. Your puppy should get its vaccination for rabies at around the age of 16 weeks, the same time as we typically schedule the third distemper booster shop. Puppies will need to get another rabies vaccination during the following year. From then on, make an appointment for a rabies vaccination once every three years.


This ailment requires vaccine protection and we recommend that you bring your puppy in for the first Bordetella vaccination at the age of 12 weeks. Then, yearly Bordetella shots should be scheduled to maintain protection.


These vaccines are administered by your vet in Etobicoke, ON beginning at 8 weeks, then at 12 weeks, then 16 weeks and then after the puppy has had its first birthday.

Remember that the first vaccination for these diseases work with booster shots, and boosters are administered about every three to four weeks, depending on the schedule you determine with the vet.

We will conduct a comprehensive physical examination of your canine after a year has passed, when it is time to come in for the next booster shots.

Set Puppy Vaccination Appointment with Your Preferred Veterinarian in Etobicoke, ON Today

It’s clear that vaccinations are essential for the health and well-being of pets. All you need to do is make sure that you work out a schedule with the vet and get all the proper shots. To learn more about getting a puppy vaccination in Etobicoke, ON or to make an appointment, please contact Richview Animal Hospital today. Call today at 416-245-8805.

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