Pyometra Surgery

Piometra Surgery at Richview Animal Hospital

Reproductive diseases and disorders are a serious matter for both humans and pets. One such condition, a uterine infection known as Piometra, can threaten the health and even the life of your female dog or cat. Here at Richview Animal Hospital, we care about your animals as much as you do. That's why we offer Piometra surgery to remove infected uterine tissue and save your beloved companion from danger.

Pyometra Surgery for Pets at Richview Animal Hospital

What Is Piometra?

Piometra is a bacterial infection of the uterus. Bacteria enter the uterus through the cervix, but only when the cervix is relaxed enough to be open, such as when your dog or cat is in heat. During this window of opportunity, bacteria make their way into the uterus, where over the next several weeks they produce an infection. You may recognize Piometra from certain telltale symptoms such as:

A significant, abnormal vaginal discharge, which may contain pus and/or blood

    • A swollen belly
    • Vomiting and/or diarrhea
    • Excessive thirst and urine production
    • Pale gums
    • Weight loss and lack of energy

If the cervix is still open when the infection strikes, the drainage of pus may allow the condition to go on for a longer period, but at least your pet is shedding toxins in the process. If the infection takes place behind a closed cervix, Piometra may resolve more quickly, but it will present an even more immediate threat to your pet's health.

Piometra is generally triggered by the interaction between bacteria and hormones, such as estrogen and progesterone. If your pet is receiving hormone therapy that includes these substances, she might be especially vulnerable to Piometra.  Urinary tract infections can also lead to Piometra.

Expert Pet Surgery from Our Etobicoke Team

Piometra can make a dog or sick very sick, so surgery to remove the infected uterus is the preferred means of dealing with the problem swiftly and effectively. This procedure is similar to routine preventative spay surgery, but the illness of the animal makes it a more delicate and complicated operation. Our Etobicoke team will make an abdominal incision under general anesthesia, take samples of abdominal and urinary fluid for analysis, and then extract the uterus and ovaries, a procedure called ovariohysterectomy. We will provide antibiotics and recovery guidance to help your pet recuperate safely and completely.

Richview Animal Hospital is ready to serve as your source for all kinds of pet surgery, including Piometra treatment. Call our Etobicoke clinic at 416-245-8805 today to schedule a preoperative consultation!

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