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At Richview Animal Hospital, our Etobicoke veterinarian considers your pet's health and wellness a top priority. If it's been more than a year since your pet's last wellness exam, now is a great time to schedule one with our team. And as part of your pet's annual exam, we will likely ask you to bring in a stool sample so that we can perform necessary diagnostics to rule out serious health problems and parasites.

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Reasons for an Annual Pet Stool Sample

Both indoor and outdoor pets are prone to parasites and other intestinal diseases, and pet stool samples are often the best way to diagnose these. For this reason, we generally recommend a pet stool sample analysis at the same time your pet has his or her annual exam. There are many possible parasites that can be detected through a pet stool sample, including roundworm, Toxocara, tapeworm, and many others. 

Furthermore, the sooner we're able to diagnose these intestinal parasites, the more promptly we can administer treatment. This means that your pet will have a better chance at a successful and smooth recovery.

Some pet owners think they don't need to bring their pet in for a stool sample because they have an indoor pet. Unfortunately, even indoor pets can come into contact with mosquitoes, mice, and other pests that are known to carry parasites.

What to Expect From a Pet Stool Sample

If your vet asks you to bring in a stool sample, we ask you to simply use a zipper bag or small container to collect your pet's most recent sample before the appointment. The fresher the sample, the better the analysis can be. We will use one of three methods to assess your pet's sample, whether it be the smear, floatation, or centrifugation method.

All fecal exams are done with a high powered microscope that will allow our veterinary team to see even the smallest of eggs and protozoan cysts, ensuring an accurate diagnosis. If your pet is found to have any kind of parasite, we can administer the necessary medication to help remove the parasite from your pet's system. Keep in mind that treatment can take some time and you will likely need to give your pet additional medication at home.

Furthermore, as we assess the effectiveness of your pet's treatment, we will also ask you to bring in additional stool samples. The entire treatment process could take a few weeks, but following up with these appointments and completing the round of medication is important in ensuring your pet's system is completely cleared of the parasite.

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If your pet is due for an exam and stool sample, be sure to schedule your pet's appointment with our Etobicoke veterinarian today. You can do so by calling our office at 416-245-8805. We'd be happy to answer any questions you may have about our practice or services when you call!

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