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Questions about Pet Licensing? Our Etobicoke Veterinarians are Here to Help

At Richview Animal Hospital, we take great pride in being the area's trusted team of veterinary professionals. Our very own Etobicoke veterinarians and staff specialize in providing the highest standard of care to dogs and cats alike, including answering any questions you may have about your pet's well-being. In this case, it is in regards to pet licensing, which is a legal requirement under Toronto Municipal Code Chapter 349.

Pet Licensing: What You Need to Know

Specifically, this code mandates that all dogs and cats that reside in Toronto be licensed and wear at licensure tag on them at all times.

This particular tag contains the contact information for Toronto Animal Services, which protects your privacy while still allowing your pet to be returned to you if found. Specifically, your pet will be turned over to Toronto Animal Services, where they will be able to link your pet's tag information with the contact information you put on file when your pet was licensed. From there, you can be contacted to pick up your pet, and your cat or dog can be kept safe in the interim.

Another benefit of having your pet licensed is the fact that the cost of your pet's licensure goes back into Toronto Animal Services to support their programs, which help homeless animals through:

  • pet adoption campaigns
  • spaying and neutering procedures
  • medical care
  • food for homeless animals

It is also important to understand that licensing your pet is a legal requirement, and if you fail to have it done, you could end up facing fines or tickets. Specifically, a $240 ticket may be issued for even a first-time offense, whereas the maximum penalty is a $5,000 fine. Your pet must be licensed each year, so it is not something you can do once and then forget about.

How To License Your Pet

At Richview Animal Hospital, we're here to help make licensing your pet each year as easy and painless as possible. For more information on Pet Licensing, click here.

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Overall, licensing your pet is not only a legal requirement, but a smart thing to do to keep your pets safe and help other homeless pets. If you're looking for more information on licensing your pet or would like assistance with the process, Richview Animal Hospital is here to help. Give our office a call at (647) 490-1622 to schedule an appointment today.

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