Pet Boarding

At Richview Animal Hospital, we provide caring, compassionate pet boarding for residents of Etobicoke and the surrounding communities. Learn about the pet boarding services we offer and how we can take care of your precious pets while you are away, giving you peace of mind. 

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Our Boarding Facilities

At Richview Animal Hospital, we go above and beyond the basic boarding needs to make your dogs and cats comfortable. To ensure your pets comfort with boarding we request a free boarding trial to make sure the pet doesn’t have cage anxiety.

Our cats enjoy secure large cages with comfortable beds. You are welcome to bring your preferred cat bed, cat toy, or a plush blanket so your cat feels comfortable. Our boarded dogs enjoy indoor boarding in a climate-controlled room. We strive to keep dogs of all sizes comfortable and socialized if they want. In addition to keeping your pet comfortable we also offer some other services such as:

COMPLIMENTARY NURSE EXAMINATION: Before we admit your pet into hospital, it is important to make sure that he/she is healthy and problem free. It is at this time that you may bring to our attention any concerns you may have about your pet’s health and well-being.

DAILY WALKS: This service is only provided for our canine visitors. Rain or shine, we will ensure that your pet gets ample exercise. Dogs are exercised up to three times a day and can take advantage of large sized dog runs. Our hospital is surrounded by a vast neighborhood full of grass and trees to ensure your friend can find the ‘perfect’ spot. Cats have free range to explore their environment in the day.

PERSONAL ATTENTION/ PLAY PERIOD: We love all our patients! We know that every animal has a different personality, so we do our best to care for your pet in a manner that resonates with his or her personalities. Shy pets who prefer "people time" will get one on one affection from our staff. Social pets who like to play with their peers will enjoy puppy or kitty play time with other boarded animals. Our staff offers kitties special play time every day to ensure that their needs for socialization are met. 

NAIL TRIM: We all know that everyone (including our 4- legged friends) would love to have a manicure and pedicure!

DAILY COMFORT BRUSHING: For that little extra pampering! One of our team members will ensure that your pet enjoys some extra love and attention

SPECIAL CARE / MEDICATION: Our professional and experienced staff will ensure your pet’s special needs are being met. Not only will they receive their appropriate medications, but will also be monitored accordingly by vigilant and knowledgeable professionals.

List of our Services :

  • Complimentary Nurse Examination
  • Mon-Sat: 3 walks (2x10min & 1x20 min)
  • Sun: 2 walks (1x10 min and 1x20min)
  • 10 min personal attention/ play periods
  • Special Care / Administer Medication
  • Nail Trim
  • Daily Comfort Brushing

Pets may be boarded seven days a week, and picked up or dropped off at flexible times for your convenience. 

Why Choose Us For Pet Boarding

We know that you have many options for pet boarding, so why should you choose us? We offer skilled care for pets with the goal of putting your mind at ease. If you have a pet with special needs, a pet with behavior issues, a pet with dietary restrictions, or a senior pet, you will feel peace of mind that comes with leaving your pet with veterinary professionals. 

We are happy to provide pets with food and water. If you want to bring special treats or food so your pet receives consistent nutrition (something we recommend for "picky eaters") we are more than happy to offer it to your pets. 

If your pet experiences a medical problem while in our care, we will be able to respond right away. This can be invaluable for ensuring that your pet stays healthy. 

We truly enjoy boarding cats and dogs at our veterinary practice in Etobicoke. To reserve your pet's boarding appointment or ask questions about pet boarding, please give our friendly reception staff a call at 416-245-8805. We would be more than happy to welcome your pets to our animal hospital for boarding, or answer any additional questions you have. We look forward to caring for your pets! 

For a tour of our boarding facilities, please feel free to drop by anytime.

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