Pet Behavior

Here at Richview Animal Hospital, we believe in giving patients and owners the best possible chance of success and happiness in life. To that end, we strongly encourage the involvement of a qualified Etobicoke veterinarian if you are experiencing any pet behavior issues with your dog or cat.

Common Pet Behavior Problems Our Etobicoke Vet Sees

 As you know firsthand if you’ve been experiencing pet behavior issues, these can substantially reduce quality of life for both you and your pet. In that case, it’s time to get help. Our Etobicoke vet is here to tell you that most common behavior problems can be solved.  These include

  • Aggression/Biting 
  • Withdrawal
  • Touch Sensitivity
  • Cat Scratching
  • Itching
  • Urinating
  • Crying
  • Whining
  • Drooling
  • Lethargy
  • Panting
  • Vomiting
  • and more

If you’re witnessing any of these behaviors, it’s important to visit our Etobicoke veterinarian to rule out medical causes and treat them as necessary, then to address purely behavioral issues. If you’re looking for a partner in helping your pet reach better health and happiness, our vet clinic would love to help.

Aggression and Biting

The most common behavioral issue in dogs is aggression, which can lead to biting. This is an issue even with small dogs, and ranges from frightening growling or barking to actual biting and shaking. Dogs may become aggressive to protect owners, territory or possessions, from fear or pain, or a variety of other causes. Determining the cause is the first step in treating it, and our veterinarian in Etobicoke can help.

Withdrawal or Touch Sensitivity

If your dog or cat is unwilling to play, engage with humans or other animals, or refusing to drink or eat, that’s a sign that something may be wrong. Often this is medically related, and may indicate the animal is in pain. Especially if the animal reacts strongly to being touched and avoids contact, it’s likely pain is the source, and you need to get them seen.

Cat Scratching

Cat scratching can be destructive and even devastating if a cat is ruining a valued possession. Because it can lead to poor outcomes for the pet, including frustrated owners or even return to the pound, it’s important to address it quickly. Luckily, cat scratching is relatively easy to solve by providing the right scratching post: tall enough for the cat to stretch up completely, sturdy, and covered with material that will help them shed their nails and relieve pent-up energy. Your vet can help you choose an appropriate option.

Whining and Crying

Whining and crying is most common in dogs. This may be due to anxiety, to get attention, to “say sorry” or even just to greet the owner. Nevertheless, it is a behavior most humans find annoying, which is why it’s helpful to seek a vet’s help determining the cause and creating alternative ways for the dog to express itself.

Come See our Veterinarian in Etobicoke About Your Pet's Behavior

If you’re worried about pet behavior, come to Richview Animal Hospital. Led by Dr. Oliver Sterbinsky, our veterinarian in Etobicoke, we can help with a variety of behavioral and health issues. We seek always to provide friendly, compassionate care to your pet, making them feel at home during their visit and putting you at ease as well. When you’re ready to make an appointment with your new veterinarian in Etobicoke, please call 416-245-8805 today.

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