Laparoscopy Gastropexy

A gastropexy is a medical procedure that involves securing the stomach to the body wall. This can be done in healthy dogs to prevent gastric dilation and volvulus (GDV). This condition occurs when the stomach becomes full of gas and distends, rotating it in the abdomen. If a dog is suffering from GDV, this procedure can be performed as an emergency operation after the stomach is de-rotated to prevent the condition from happening again. Our veterinary care team at Richview Animal Hospital in Etobicoke, ON, will discuss the benefits and risks of performing this procedure as a preventative measure and will also be there for you in the case of an emergency. We can even provide online consultation, a great perk these days when searching for a veterinarian.

Why Choose a Laparoscopy Gastropexy?

A gastropexy can be performed as a large surgical incision (laparotomy), but there are many benefits to choose to have this procedure done laparoscopically. A laparoscopy gastropexy is minimally invasive and the procedure can be performed through a much smaller hole, meaning that it causes less pain and leads to a quicker recovery.

During the procedure, a camera is inserted through a one-centimeter incision next to the belly button. Then, special equipment can be used through a second incision made near the right side of the rib cage to attach the stomach to the body wall. Performing this procedure laparoscopically will take the same amount of time or less time than the traditional procedure.

Laparoscopy Gastropexy as a Preventative Measure

This surgery is highly effective in preventing GDV and most dogs tolerate the procedure generally well. Certain dog breeds are more at risk for this condition, namely large, deep-chested dogs. GDV can be life-threatening, so in many cases, it is best to perform the preventative procedure, which is much less costly than emergency surgery.

Keep in mind that even though this surgical procedure will prevent rotation of the stomach, it will not prevent bloat or dilation of the stomach. Those conditions may still need attention at our animal hospital in Etobicoke. Our experienced team of veterinarians will discuss this procedure with you if your dog is at high risk of this condition.

Veterinary Surgical Services in Etobicoke, ON

Ask about preventative laparoscopy gastropexy at your next pet wellness check at Richview Animal Hospital in Etobicoke, ON, or call us right away at 416-245-8805 in case of an emergency. We can discuss the risks and benefits with you, as well as evaluate if your dog is a good candidate for the procedure.

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