Dental Radiology

The Importance of Dental Radiology in Pets


Dental X-ray is an important tool used by a veterinarian in the diagnosis and planning of treatment of different pet oral diseases because over 60% of the teeth lie under the gums. X-rays allow to assess the teeth, roots, bones, and other adjacent structures, including the nasal cavity, sinus, blood vessels, and nerves. 

It is important to have your pet's teeth X-rayed because cats and dogs cannot tell when their teeth are diseased. Moreover, some pets will never show that they are in pain even if they are. Therefore, sometimes dental a dental x-ray is the only way to find out that your pet has a dental problem. 

In addition to identifying different dental problems, dental x-rays are also used to evaluate developmental issues in young animals, especially if there are any concerns about teeth alignment causing damage to the soft tissues in the pet's mouth or difficulty eating. Any head trauma is also a reason to perform a dental x-ray to determine if there are fractures of jaw bones or broken teeth. 

When should I visit a veterinarian for dental x-rays?

Your pet needs an oral examination and X-ray whenever they are missing teeth, their teeth are discolored and broken, the gums are inflamed and swollen, or they have bad breath. However, even without all these signs, your pet's teeth should be X-rayed every year. 

Should I be concerned about the amount of radiation?

No, you should not be concerned about the amount of radiation.

Veterinarians use a small amount of radiation that is not harmful to your four-legged friend. There are no reports of negative radiation effects from such a small amount of exposure. 

How does pet dental X-ray work?

Unlike humans, pets need to be under general anesthesia for dental X-rays. Anesthesia is a safe procedure that is performed only after a general examination. Prior to administering an anesthetic, your veterinarian may perform a blood test to make sure that the kidneys and liver function properly. 

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