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  • A Dog's Fear of Face Masks
    In light of the current pandemic situation, everyone has had to make many changes to stay safe. We understand wearing masks and gloves have now become the norm; however, there Read more
  • Ticks: Detection and Removal
    Hello everyone! With the temperatures now rising above freezing, we have entered tick season! Ticks are an arachnid species of parasite (similar to spiders), and travel mainly by hitching a Read more
  • You and Your Pet in Quarantine
    With it being a strange new world out there, what we need now more than ever is love, support, and routine. This goes without saying that it applies to our Read more
  • Be Positive Trail Ambassadors!
    Your dog can make an excellent hiking companion any time you want to go on an adventure, whether they’re big or small. Just make sure to check off the following Read more
  • Ways to treat your pet on Valentines day
    Valentine’s day is a time for people to treat the ones they love to some extra attention, and this includes our furry companions! Reports show that one out of five Read more
  • Your New Furry Family Member
    Thinking of getting a new dog? The best thing to do is be prepared. You and your new pet will have a much easier transition into the new family dynamic Read more
  • Crossing the Rainbow Bridge
    Winter is a time for celebration and reflection – after Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year – after family time, friends, good food and cold but energizing days. It’s always Read more
  • The importance of walks in your dog’s life
    Exercise We all know the importance of exercise for our health; it’s no different for our dogs. Walks are the best way for our dogs to get their needed exercise. Without Read more
  • Keeping Your Canine Active in the Wintertime
    Winter is a great time to learn some new tricks; teach your dog basic obedience commands. If he already knows them, work at teaching him hand signals for those commands. Read more
  • My Dog, the Vacuum Cleaner (Puppy Enrichment Tips and Tricks)
    I'd like to start this post by saying how much I love my dog. Her name is Cassidy and she is an (almost) 5-year-old Belgian Malinois x Standard Poodle cross. Read more
  • Halloween Treat Toxicity
    With Halloween looming ever closer as October continues, many people choose to celebrate with a variety of treats and candy. These snacks can provide some sweet indulgence for people, but Read more
  • The Importance of Early Handling and Socialization in Puppies
    The wide-open world can be a scary place for our canine companions. It is up to us, the owners, to teach our dogs that there is nothing to fear. Early Read more
  • Allergies in Dogs
    Is your dog constantly itching and scratching? Licking at their paws? Or even scooting their bum on the floor? If so, chances are your dog is suffering from allergies. There Read more
  • RAW-tch Out!
    With growing interest in feeding raw diet, it's important to remember that it may not be the best option for your pet; it’s dependent on each patient. Some pet food Read more
  • I Should Have Neutered My Dog
    I have a senior dog named Pepper. He is a 15-year-old blue roan Cocker Spaniel, and he is my baby. I got him when I was 10 years old, and Read more
  • Halloween Safety Tips for Pets
    Trick or treat! When it comes to trick-or-treating, stick with the tricks for your furry friends. Chocolate can be very toxic, even lethal, to pets. Many candies are now sweetened using Read more

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