Your Pet's Tchip ID Chip Can Make Vet Visits Much Easier

Have you heard about Tchip? Are you wondering, "where is there a veterinarian near me that uses it?" At Richview Animal Hospital in Etobicoke, ON, we have some good news. As you know, taking your pet’s temperature can be a challenge. This is why we recommend Tchip, a microchip which also reads your pet’s temperature. Microchipping comes with its own suite of benefits and is highly recommended as it is the most effective method of reuniting lost pets with their owners. With its temperature reading capabilities, Tchip can make your life more convenient still.

We Use Technology to Reduce Stress

One thing you'll notice here is the way we use the latest technology to make diagnosis and treatment of your pet's conditions as friendly and stress-free as possible. Tchip is a great example of this philosophy. The simple, easy-to-insert chip provides traditional identification in case your pet is lost and also responds with body temperature information when we scan it each visit. The Tchip makes your pet’s visit to the veterinarian much less stressful. While this is great on its own, it is also desirable because it ensures any measurements we take of vital signs will be accurate and not affected by stress.

From X-rays to Radiosurgery, Dental Care to Boarding, Our Goal is Low-Stress, High-Quality Care

Our quick, modern X-ray equipment avoids sedation and restraint of your pet during imaging, and our dental care keeps your pet healthy with a minimum of fuss. We have boarding facilities that are designed to ensure that your pet is well-cared for when you are away or you otherwise need temporary care services. We also provide care for your pets who have special medical needs that your pet sitter can't provide. One of our most significant upgrades is the use of radiosurgery for appropriate surgical cases, which uses ionizing radiation in place of a surgical knife for a low-trauma experience that pets recover from more quickly than traditional surgery.

We'd Love to See You and Your Pet at Our Welcoming Clinic

Now that Tchip has made visits to Richview Animal Hospital in Etobicoke, ON a little bit more enjoyable, if your friends ask "is there a veterinarian near me that you can recommend?" you have one more reason to say, "of course!" Give us a call or request an appointment online and we'll see you soon.

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