Richview Animal Hospital in Etobicoke is pleased to announce the introduction of Tchip to our microchipping service. We believe this revolutionary chip is a game-changer that can help you keep up with your pet’s temperature as well as your pet.

What is Microchipping for Pets?

Pet microchipping involves the injection of a microchip below your pet’s skin that can be used to store your contact information. This information can be used to contact you if your pet is ever lost and turned over to a shelter or a veterinarian.

The microchip works in addition to collars with ID tags that can come off, get lost, or become difficult to read over time. The microchips are tiny, about the size of a single grain of rice. This procedure is performed by veterinarians and animal shelter staff (to help them identify the animals they place, especially rescue shelters).

While all pets can benefit from microchipping, they should not be the only form of identification you choose for your pets. You should also make sure you have tags for your pet so that others can call you to return your pet if it goes missing.

How is Tchip Different?

Tchip is also a microchip that performs the identification and ownership benefits that microchipping your pet offers with the additional benefit of detecting your pet’s temperature. In other words, Tchip offers next-level microchipping for pets that ads a health component into the mix.

Why does reading a pet’s temperature via Tchip matter? It eliminates the discomfort, for you and your pet, of taking its temperature the traditional way. Besides your pet doesn’t want to endure that when it is not feeling well.

Tchip provides all of the benefits you would expect from a microchip along with a few other important features that offer peace of mind and comfort to pet owners such as easy registration online or by fax, phone, or even mail. Other benefits include that it is easily scanned by the ScanFlex AFX-100 Universal Reader, guaranteed sterilization, and 24/7 access.

Why Our Veterinarians Believe Tchip is Right for Pets

Richview Animal Hospital in Etobicoke understands that your pet is family. The Tchip is another way to help your furry friend if he or she is ill or gets lost. The microchipping process is safe, easy, and fast. Call us today at 416-245-8805 to schedule an appointment with one of our veterinarians.

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