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Frequently Asked Questions About Pet Microchipping

pet microchipping

It’s not a pleasant topic to think about, but what would your family do if your pet happened to go missing in Etobicoke, ON? You can hope that a person will find the animal and that he or she can locate you based on information on the pet’s ID tag. But if the tag had fallen off, you would have to depend on putting up signs all around your neighborhood and announcements on your social media accounts. Your preferred veterinarian frequently gets questions from pet owners about microchipping. We’d like to take a moment to answer these pet microchipping questions now before you come in for an appointment.

What Is Pet Microchipping?

Pet microchipping is the act of inserting a small microchip (protected in a strong glass capsule that is about the same size as a grain of rice) under the skin. The microchip has a unique ID number that is stored in a database.

How Can Microchipping Help My Pet?

When your pet is lost, the person who finds it can bring it in to a vet’s office for scanning. The scanner picks up the ID number and then finds your corresponding contact information.

Does it Hurt?

Pet microchipping is a painless procedure, like getting a vaccination. Your pet will feel a slight prick just like when getting a booster shot. In our experience, pets are usually quite tolerant of getting microchipped. 

How Long Does the Procedure Take?

It’s a very simple procedure that will take just a few minutes. We will be happy to schedule an appointment that works best with your schedule.

Why Is Microchipping Better Than an ID Tag Hanging From a Pet Collar?

Think what would happen if your pet’s collar had grown frayed or was caught on something outside, causing it to fall off. Your pet would keep running and now there is no way for a person to find out whom it belongs to. Of course, you can continue to have your pet wear a collar (in case the person who finds your animal can’t get to a vet for scanning). The ID tag will serve as a good backup in that kind of situation.

But also remember that if you move or change your phone number, you would have to buy a new tag. But with the microchip, all you have to do is update your information in the database and the microchip will call up the latest contact details.

Bring Your Animal Companion in For Microchipping at Richview Animal Hospital

Pet owners can breathe a sigh of relief once they get their animal companion microchipped, since if the animal should happen to go missing, a quick scan will call up the contact information from the database. If you have any further questions or concerns about pet microchipping or are ready to book an appointment in Etobicoke, ON, please call the team at Richview Animal Hospital today at 416-245-8805.

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