Fall and Winter


With the changing seasons, your pet's needs change as well. The Fall and Winter seasons bring not only colder weather but also times of celebration! It is important to keep our pets as healthy and safe as possible during the Fall and Winter. Follow the below seasonal highlights for information on your pet's health!

-- Throughout September and October, puppies and kittens born in the Spring begin to reach sexual maturity. This is the critical time for these adolescents to begin the spay and neuter process. Richview Animal Hospital is here to provide you with the latest information regarding spay and neutering so that you can make the best medical choice for you pet. 

-- Halloween is a fun time for all! Find out what you can do to make this Halloween safe for your pet!

-- The outside temperature drops! Educate yourself regarding potential hazards associated with cool weather and your pet.

-- The Holidays are a time for fun, happiness, and celebration! Check out our tips on making them safe and fun for you pet!

-- St. Valentine's Day is a day to celebrate the bonds between all of our loved ones including our furry family members! Follow our guidelines to ensure your pet experiences a loving February 14th.

-- Is your pet a senior? If your pet is 7 years or older they are considered a senior! Remember, pets age about 7 years for every human year. Help meet your pet's changing needs and visit the Richview Animal Hospital to help give them some extra special attention.

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