Internal Procedures

Richview Animal Hospital Offers a Number of Internal Procedures for Veterinary Care

Your pet may experience an injury or illness that requires an internal procedure to determine the extent of the problem or to administer treatment. At these times, you want an experienced veterinary professional that will take the individual needs of your pet into consideration. At Richview Animal Hospital in Etobicoke, ON, we offer internal procedures to diagnose problems and treat illnesses, with compassionate care.

Richview Animal Hospital Offers a Number of Internal Procedures for Veterinary Care


Biopsies are small amounts of tissue taken from inside the body or inside abnormal growths to determine disease conditions or cancerous cells. In many cases, biopsies are done through fine needle aspiration, which only makes a tiny incision and sucks out a few cells from the area.

We Also Offer Splenectomies, Enterotomies, and Gastropexia.

Foreign Body Removal from Gastrointestinal System

Objects such as rawhides, toys, rocks, bones, and even socks may be ingested by pets. Veterinarians frequently must do endoscopy or surgery to remove foreign bodies from the gastrointestinal tract of pets.

Tumor Removal

Tumor development on the internal organs may require surgery to ensure proper function of the kidneys, liver, pancreas, kidneys, or intestines. These surgeries often involve a recovery period, during which you must limit activity, follow a special diet or administer medications. Your veterinarian in Etobicoke will provide detailed instructions to help recovery when you take your pet home after the procedure.

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Dr. Sterbinsky and the team at Richview Animal Hospital are confirmed animal lovers who are dedicated to providing the highest quality care for their patients in Etobicoke, OH, and surrounding communities. We offer many veterinary services, including examinations, vaccinations, dental care, preventative care, diagnostics, surgery and boarding. Call Richview Animal Hospital today at 416-245-8805 for an appointment to learn about the many procedures we offer to maintain your pet’s health.

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