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Pet Dental Care Tips

Pet Dental Care Tips from our Etobicoke Veterinarian

Veterinarian showing pet owner how proper pet dental care

Dental care is as important for your pet as it is for you. Dogs and cats both can get plaque build-up, tartar and gum disease. It's very important to schedule regular visits to the vet for teeth cleaning and examination, but you can also help at home.

Home dental care for pets includes regular brushing, as well as offering treats and toys that help scrape off plaque, massage gums and freshen breath. In the pet supply section of the store you should be able to find toothbrushes and other accessories that can help you better care for your dog's teeth.

Your Veterinarian Can Help

If you aren't feeling confident, you can get advice and recommendations from your veterinarian when you take your pet in for an annual exam or dental care. Your vet can show you the proper brushing techniques and recommend products that are safe, gentle and effective to use. Don't use dental products such as toothpaste that isn't specifically for dogs or cats.

It only takes a few minutes each day to care for your pet's teeth. Pets that have regular dental care at home are unlikely to develop tooth decay and gum disease. It can be terrible for pets to lose teeth and poor dental health can lead to infection and illness.

Many pet dental products are also infused with mint to help freshen breath. Your pet may initially dislike your home dental care routine, but he will quickly get used to it.

Contact Our Local Veterinarian to Pet Cleaning Tips You Can Do At Home

If you have any questions at all about pet dental care at home or if you would like to have your pet's teeth examined and cleaned, contact Richview Animal Hospital at 416-245-8805 to schedule an appointment.

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