Bladder Surgery

Bladder Surgery at Richview Animal Hospital

Although modern medicine offers a number of non-invasive treatment techniques and technologies, sometimes surgery is still the preferred way of handling certain types of problems. If your pet has large bladder stones that obstruct his urinary system or some other serious bladder condition, he may need surgery to remove the immediate threat to his comfort and health. Our Etobicoke team at Richview Animal Hospital can provide state-of-the-art bladder surgery to treat urinary conditions in dogs and cats.

Bladder Surgery

The Most Common Reason for Bladder Surgery: Urinary Obstruction

Perhaps the most frequent reason for pets to undergo bladder surgery is the removal of bladder stones. Bladder stones are accumulations of minerals taken in through food. The stones may form due to an underlying metabolic problem that prevents their proper digestion, a nutritional imbalance, or an infection. Bladder stones can block the flow of urine and make urination extraordinarily painful. The complete blockage of urine is a veterinary emergency because the bladder can rupture from building pressure. Even a non-emergency case of bladder stones may benefit from surgical removal if they're too large to be removed through non-invasive treatment.

Bladder stones aren't the only reason a pet might undergo bladder surgery. A traumatic injury, congenital abnormality, or tumor might call for surgical intervention as well. 

Skilled Pet Surgery at Our Etobicoke Clinic

You can rely on Richview Animal Hospital for skilled pet surgery to address your pet's bladder condition. Bladder stones can be removed through a procedure called a cystotomy. We simply make an incision to access the bladder, remove the stones, and then stitch the bladder and external incision up. Our internal surgical techniques can also correct a bladder malformation or injury. Surgery to remove a bladder tumor is possible, provided that can reach the tumor with our surgical instruments.

Not every bladder condition requires surgery. If your pet's bladder stones are small enough, for instance, we may be able to insert a catheter that helps them pass naturally. Pets with bladder cancer who are unfit for surgery or have tumors that are hard to reach, may be better off receiving radiation or chemotherapy treatment instead. We can advise you on the most sensible course of action.

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Bladder conditions can be both uncomfortable and dangerous, so don't hesitate to call Richview Animal Hospital at 416-245-8805 if you're seeing any symptoms of such a problem. We can advise you on whether to bring your pet in for an evaluation or emergency pet surgery!

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