Bladder Surgery

Richview Animal Hospital: Bladder Surgery in Pets

There are certain problems that both people and pets can develop and one of these has to do with the bladder. Problems with the bladder can take many forms, ranging from trauma to infections and everything in between. In some cases, these problems may require surgery to be corrected. The prospect of bladder surgery can be scary for a pet owner to have to deal with. There is some important information that every pet owner should know about bladder surgery before moving forward. The team at Richview Animal Hospital is here to help everyone in the Etobicoke area understand bladder surgery performed by a veterinarian.

Bladder Surgery

Why Does a Pet Need Bladder Surgery? 

There are numerous problems that veterinary clinics can diagnose when it comes to the bladder and not all of these are going to require surgery. Bladder surgery is not a decision that any doctor makes lightly. One of the most common reasons why a pet might need bladder surgery is to remove stones that might be present. Think about surgery for kidney stones in a person. Bladder surgery for stones in an animal is a similar issue. Furthermore, some animals might be having issues with incontinence. Bladder surgery can be used to help these problems as well. Bladder surgery is something that will be discussed thoroughly with the family before any decisions are made. We want all of our families to understand the process before making any decisions.

How is Bladder Surgery Performed?

If a pet needs bladder surgery, several steps are going to be involved. First, the family is going to be educated on all of the risks and benefits of the surgery. Next, the animal is going to be taken back to the operating room where anesthesia is going to be given. This will allow the animal to sleep during the procedure without any pain being felt. Then, the operation will be performed. This will look different depending on the exact nature of the surgery. Finally, after the procedure, the pet is taken to the recovery area.

Trust the Team at Richview Animal Hospital for Bladder Surgery

Following any surgical procedure, it will take some time for the animal to recover. It is important to make sure that the pet makes it to every follow-up visit. This is done to make sure that no complications are developing. Anyone who has any questions or concerns should contact Richview Animal Hospital today to make an appointment. We are here to serve the families of the Etobicoke area. Our veterinary team is experienced and would be glad to take care of your furry friend. Please reach out to us today at 416-245-8805!

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