Anal Sacculectomy

Richview Animal Hospital Offers the Anal Sacculectomy Pet Surgery

Dogs sometimes develop problems of the anal sacs, the small glands that are located on either side of the anal opening. Owners may notice “scooting” along the floor or an odor that seems to come from the anus, even though there is no leakage of feces. At Richview Animal Hospital in Etobicoke, ON, we offer help for dogs with anal sac problems, with the anal sacculectomy procedure.


What Are Anal Sacs?

The anal sacs are small pouches on either side of the anal opening that function as a means to mark territory in canines. These glands contain oil and sweat glands that produce a strong odor. Generally, a small amount of the fluid is released when the animal defecates. However, the glands may become impacted with fluid, leading to troublesome symptoms. Tumors of the anal glands can also occur. In most cases, the extraction of the glands can be done by your vet to release this fluid. The anal sacs can sometimes become impacted or infected, which can negatively affect the overall health of your pet. Anal gland problems generally occur in small dogs more often than large animals and can affect either sex. Antibiotics may be needed to clear up an infection of the anal glands.

Symptoms of Anal Sac Problems

“Scooting," or rubbing the hind area against the floor or carpet, can be a symptom of anal gland problems. Your dog may bite or lick the anal area constantly. You may notice a strong smell coming from the dog’s rear end. The animal may experience constipation or may show signs of discomfort when defecating. Chronic infection can lead to a painful abscess of the anal glands.

The Anal Sacculectomy Procedure

Frequent anal gland infection can lead to negative health effects. Your veterinarian may determine that the best course of action is to remove anal glands to prevent further problems. In this procedure, a small incision is made in the area of the glands, and they are removed. The animal may be kept at the hospital for one or two days. Aftercare involves stool softeners for a period of time and the use of an e-collar to prevent tampering with the incision area.

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